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Appkut - About us
What does the appkut name mean you ask? Well, appkut means holy-app.

Appkut is a community building website, which provide Virtual Private Network/Community for Educational Institutions. Where in they can invite their students, staff, alumni, parents and industry. A platform where students, staff, Alumni, Parents and Industry are connected together.

Students can build their carrier by getting connected with staff, alumni and industry. They can update and share activities happening in campus. They can share videos, photos, events, opinions, documents.

Alumni can stay connected with institution. They can participate in activities happening in campus, they can add reviews, comments and likes. Alumni can stay connected with other fellow alumni’s, faculty and students. They can help fellow students by sharing their experience; they can update Job openings and industry insights.

Industry resourceful persons connected with institution can update their valuable insights on trending topics; it’s a virtual platform for industry persons/MOU holders to update and stay connected with the respective institution and students.

Parents can see activities happening in the institution and the culture. They can update their feedback and stay connected with staff and dean.

People and culture
The founders of appkut believe inventing a Job is better than finding. Appkut team is housed with highly motivated young and eager beautiful minds. We encourage our people to empower each other. We at appkut believe trust and risk taking are the two significant qualities that make any organisation a hit. We encourage our people to take risks. Work in appkut is fun.

As a company we value human life and what difference we create through the services we deliver. Our prime concern is to make this world a better place. Our core values are trust and relationships. We believe in collaborations and team building.